Friday, April 26, 2013

Rindu Ohana

Where 1 problem is solved by MANY people,
Thats is Usrah.
Where a happiness is shared TOGETHER,
that is Usrah.
When 1 people forget, OTHERS reminding,
that is Usrah.
Instead of hanging out alone,hang out TOGETHER,
that is Usrah.
In short, Usrah ia all about WE , not ME.
Lets join any Usrah group today,have fun,
connecting with people,
while generating more and more PAHALA.

Sudah beberapa minggu
tidak bertemu
dalam bulatan ilmu
sangat rindu.

Maafkan diriku
atas keterbatasan waktu
moga kita bertemu
lepas PRU.


 Rindu mereka T_T

Ohana means Family
Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

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